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The services of online accounts simplify all operations related to the usual procedures by reducing the amount of paper, the time for transmission of data and information (inbound and outbound). Ced Rossetti Studio offers on-line services accounting General (Editor Budgetary presentation of tax returns)

accounting advisory services (such as reconstruction of accounts and budgets, review activities, etc.)
accounting services tax (accounting for taxes, support for tax carry both domestic and international litigation management, keeping social care problems for corporate, international contracts.)
human resources management
Relations with INPS, Inail, Enpals, Safe Building, etc.
Recruitment and dismissal of employees and para -
Processing and Payment of Salaries
(employees and collaborators coordinated and continuous)
Certificates CUD/770/TFR
Establishing costs of Personnel, Budget and Accounts
Support legislation and trade union
services accounting work
Analysis of opportunity ‘recruitment facilitated
  Regularization of workers
  Placing Required
  Regularization is a periodic payment contributory INPS, INAIL, etc.
  Individual and Collective Redundancies
  Admission Practices’, Cash Earnings Integration Ordinary and Extraordinary
  Advice and assistance in employment disputes
  The implementation of Prevention, Protection and Safety at Work ex D.Lgs.626/94
Management consulting
management control for small and medium enterprises (budget, cost analysis, etc).
Data Processing Accounting – Fulfillment of all the obligations provided under current rules, using advanced management software and reliable, managed by personnel with proven experience in the field.
Services for Tax Assistance Centers (CAF) – Assistance and Protection Tax qualified qualifying taxpayers, through the adoption of specific software tools and telematics. (ISEE Model, Model 730, Model ICI, etc.)
Head of Accounting Services Ms. Maria Teresa Marotta


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