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Banking Analysis
Advice and assistance on any issue concerning the 'anatocismo, refund interest and expertise wrongly charged by the bank.
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Current account
Current account:
Analysis and banking expertise made in compliance with the agreements signed with the bank, if any, of the Civil Code and legislation in force (Law 154/92 - Leg. 385/93), useful to oppose injunction, requests for return , At the request of bank interest repayments anatocistici wrongly paid during the entire relationship bank account.
Every action will require in 10 years from the date of closure of the account.

You do calculations for C.T.U. , C.T.P. and Legal Studies, to meet every kind of question from the magistrate.

The study Rossetti is able to determine the full respect of law 108/96 (anti-wear), the TEG applies to the study bank currents.

Our Software
The study by Dr. Rinaldo Rossetti uses special data processing system, certified by 'ISTI (Institute of Science and from information technology "A. FAEDO") of the CNR No Certificate of Pisa Sab./001/01, 17/03/2004

This procedure is likely to analyze a bank account in its entirety. The same is equipped with numerous controls to detect errors during data entry.

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